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The agency offers some of the best professional workshops and photo sessions in the

business for our models and actors which is also open to anyone wanting to join and

participate in.


Anyone can book a Photo Shoot or Workshop!


You can take full advantage of our experienced staff to take amazing photos or to train you during one of our special designed industry training workshops.

Our Photo Shoots & Training Workshops


DKM models offer photo sessions to anyone...


That's right anyone can book in a photo shoot with one of our professional photographers

to get those amazing shots for you to keep.


Our selections are designed to suit an occasion or type of photos you are looking for.

You can create an awesome portfolio for any occasion, industry photos, group photos,

family shots, team photos, work colleagues, anniversaries, babies and the elderly. You

name it.. we will photograph it for you.

- Industry head shots, it's designed to give you two variations to create the perfect head

shot for the main focus of your portfolio.


- A mini shoot that allows our photographer to capture a couple of different styles and looks

for a new portfolio or custom photo shoot for any occasion.


- The full package portfolio deal has been crafted to create that awesome ultimate

experienced look with a full comprehensive shoot. We allow wardrobe changes and to give variation styles to your photos. This full package is also available for any occasion.


Our extremely low prices make it very affordable to anyone who would like to get those

fantastic memorable photos to keep forever.


DKM training workshops are a great way to gain some confidence or experience in a variety

of fields in the entertainment industry. You might want to take a class to experience what

its like or to expand your industry experience.


Anyone can book a training workshop!


These are some examples of what our training workshops cover.


- You can learn how to walk and pose on the runway, create different poses in front of the camera for both stills and action shots.


- Experience a vast array of acting techniques for all types of castings and work in television

and theatre. How to ace an audition and the do's and don'ts while filming.

 - Learn how to apply Hair & make-up techniques for various roles for television, stage and camera. Maintain good skin, hair care and hygiene. 

If you would like to book one of our special designed Photo Shoots 

or Training Workshops! 

Take advantage of this amazing offer and special low prices!


You can apply below! 

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